While we’re all for traditional kuttu and sabudana laden Navratra thalis, we do like to indulge in the occasional bout of Continental grubs as well. Which is why we are totally stoked about the Olive Bistro’s nine-day vegetarian cleanse this

Navratra is a festival honouring the Mother Goddess in all her manifestations. It is a festival full of worship and dance and is celebrated all over India. Over the course of nine days, the Mother Goddess is worshipped in her

November will bring for us one of the country’s biggest and most expansive food and beverage exhibitions – World Food India. Organised by the Union Ministry of Food Processing Industries, the event will give manufacturers, entrepreneurs, and sellers an opportunity

Could it BE any hotter? Actually, yes it could. Thanks to a cloud burst in Shimla, the Capital is enjoying a rather pleasant May. But will that stop us from our ‘beat the heat’ rituals? No. We shall still guzzle

The Mandarin Chinese term ‘Ni Hao’ is used as a greeting, which means ‘hello’, however, it literally translates to ‘you good’ in English. And ‘good’ would be an understatement if we had to describe the latest addition to Noida’s Chinese

Summer is slowly wearing off and we can almost feel the onset of the colder months. And along with that come a bounty of beautiful festivals and, of course, food. Kicking off the season of the great Indian festivities is

Scoring the freshest and best seafood is almost as important as having the option of picking it from a wide variety. Because what’s the fun in settling for whatever is available in the market only because it’s fresh? Lucky for

Food delivery accounts for a major chunk of the food and beverage industry (because let’s face it, deep down we’re all just a bunch of lazy bums). And with services like Swiggy, Zomato, and Foodpanda, we can eat whatever we

Honestly, we can’t remember the last time I went to a market to specifically purchase something, because thanks to online shopping, there is an app/website for buying everything. Except maybe a few things, like alcohol. But that’s not entirely true.

Updated on 14 September, 2017 The Jubilant FoodWorks’s team has probed into the matter and assuring consumers about the hygiene and safety of Domino’s foods, it added “a comprehensive inspection across vendors & stores” had been carried, the company said

It is a well-established fact that of the many things it is famous for, Delhi’s street food is easily the crown jewel of the city’s food scape. With outlets – new and old – staying on top of their game

The society is slowly, but steadily, moving towards being better humans towards the ones in need. From organisation that are working to make sure that no one goes to bed hungry, the citizens are doing their bit as well by

Bhel Puris are crunchy, they are tangy and most of all delicious. Basically, Bombay-style or not, bhel puris are the perfect bite to grab when craving for a zesty street snack. Here are 7 places where you can dig into

Dominated by a variety of rice dishes, Vietnamese cuisines is as vast as it is flavoursome with ingredients like soy sauce, lemongrass, seafood, banana, fish sauce, et al playing a vital roll in Vietnamese kitchens. Also, the country is famous

One of the many things that bring out the excellence of a good meal is a good ambience. And what’s better than a fancy dramatic vibe oozing of colors from a particular theme and palette? Not only do themed restaurants

What is the one thing you miss (or will miss) about your college? Not the classrooms, definitely not the lectures and not even the teachers – except for a few who helped you clear the exams or didn’t notice the

Want to witness an ace chef whipping up magic in front of your eyes? Well, you’re in luck because Greater Noida-based Coffee Tree is hosting an exciting cook-off challenge where you can experience celebrity chef Nishant Choubey live in action,

Like rock music? Love Freddie Mercury? Then we’ve got you just the event to be at this week! Hard Rock Café Delhi is gearing up for the ultimate ‘Queen’ tribute night this week! The restaurant is paying tribute to the

This week we had the tummy-pleasing pleasure to visit The Creative Kitchen, the newly opened Radisson, Noida. Well, technically the hotel has been around for sometime but it has only recently been converted from Park Plaza (Sector-55) to Radisson. And

Words – and photographs – are not enough to describe the mounting plethora of food available in the National Capital. From classic Mughlai grubs from the streets of Old Delhi, and authentic Dilli-style street food to some of the country’s